We provide a safe and secure IRC server where to meet our friends. The server is available trough Tor, ECnet or clearweb and this page will show you what to do. A webchat is available here:
If you don't want to waste time, you can use our webchat:

Configure the IRC client

The following is a very complete guide in how to configure an irc client to connect our IRC server. The guide is for the Tor hidden service and comes from a good ECnet's user (

Using the WWW, the TOR and the ECnet IRC Server

You may also use our different access point to enter our IRC server, all of them are pointing to the same server:

  • WWW(Clear Web): server: || ports: 9999 (ssl) -- 6661 (plain text)
  • ECnet(ECnet network): server: irc.ecnet.anon || ports: 9999 (ssl) -- 6661 (plain text)
  • ECnet Tor hidden service: server: ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion || ports: 9999(ssl) -- 6661 (plain text)