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ECNETWORLD is not only a services provider, we also run by 5 years an anonymous hidden network free for all! Encrypted with a strong 4096 bit key, after 5 years it revealed 0 vulnerabilities! Join us and be part of the Nation! Enter Now!


We love ultra secure communication also for community and teams! try out our IRC Server!, You should know that our IRC SERVER is one of the most secure in the world, also recommended by the Tor Project!

The Social

The Social is a privacy oriented social network, available in 3 different networks (www, tor and ecnet)

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The highest security standard for your activities. Get a look at our services:

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What's the Encrypted Communication Network?

Anonymity and Privacy

Privacy and Anonymity are at the edge of our activity! We don't store your personal data (we neither ask!), all our configurations are set to 0 logs providing a perfect anonymous scenario for your privacy!

Net Neutrality

By joining ECnetWORLD you will not only be part of a new grewing movement! By using our services you will directly support and contribute projects fighting for net neutrality and freedom of speech!


We strongly believe in your privacy. all our products, services and projects are privacy-oriented, and we apply an high level of encryption to everything!

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