Contact the ECnet Staff

For any help, communication or request you can contact the staff, We strongly recommend to use our IRC server, it's the faster way to talk with us. We provide a webchat:, you can use the webchat inside this site in our IRC page.
But if you use an irc client (like Xchat, Pidgin, Hexchat and so go on..) know that our IRC server is available over clearweb, tor and ECnet with bot plain text or SSL, click here to read an useful guide and to have all info about.

Use Encryption

We care about your privacy, so here you can use our PGP key to write us in a safer way. We also suggest you to join us at our IRC server, it's anonymous, safe and provides all you need to get in touch with us without any risk for your privacy. Our IRC server provide SSL ports, and it's available trough: clearweb, ECnet and Tor hidden Service.
This key is valid(and signed) for 2 mail addresses: