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11 December, 2019 | User Manual


AnonyJabber/XMPP is an advanced chat service that can work using different networks and protocols.
It has no limit or restriction, except that it is not intended for use of an illegal nature: if we encounter unusual or illegal activities, we will proceed with the elimination of the account without any notice.
That said, AnonJabber/XMPP is a service designed to provide an excellent level of anonymity for its users, it is in fact available on the normal internet, Tor network and is also available using the internal domains of the UNOVPN network.

You can use your AnonJabber account through 3 different internet networks: The normal network as we know it, the Tor network and you can use it by accessing directly from the internal UNOVPN network (combined with the use of our VPN)

This is the list of the available network access for AnonJabber: 

By using one of these accesses you can connect to your AnonJabber account.
Furthermore, you can choose to extend your account (user @ ****) or the one that comes after the @ one of the three addresses above.

Here are some suggestions:
For unencrypted server access ( you can use any proxy (tor, i2p or other vpn) this address accepts any type of incoming connection.

For access to the Tor server (66zaxsq45lfwqsb2.onion): You can only use the proxy tor to access this server address, or, if you use our VPN, it will be sufficient to use the VPN data to log in easily without having to use any Tor software

To access the UNOVPN server (uno.vpn): you will need to use the UNOVPN network to access this type of server address