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07 December, 2019 | User Manual


AnonyMail is an advanced mail service that can work using different networks and protocols.
It has no limit or restriction, except that it is not intended for use of an illegal nature: if we encounter unusual or illegal activities, we will proceed with the elimination of the account without any notice.
That said, AnonyMail is a service designed to provide an excellent level of anonymity for its users, it is in fact available on the normal internet, Tor network and is also available using the internal domains of the UNOVPN network.
To access your account, simply use your credentials directly through the online webmail, or, if you wish, you can use your mail client using IMAP / SMTP for configuration.
Although AnonyMail is available for practically all network types, we recommend using the combined mail service with UNOVPN.

To access via webmail, here are the addresses to visit:

Note that to use the UNOVPN network's domain, you should to modify your hosts file in order to be able to surf the internal hidden network.

You can also use the SMTP/IMAP servers in order to configure your favourite Mail Client:

WWW (for normal internet)

TOR (old V2)

TOR (new V3)

UNOVPN internal domain