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Services Activation

This page contains the instructions to activate all our free services and products. They are secure, anonymous services and I hope they can be useful.
To protect myself and users who already use them, I have not published any automatic registration form, but I ask you to answer this short questionnaire if you intend to use one of the services listed on this page.

How to request the activation of a service?

For your knowledge, each request is displayed, evaluated and activated manually. The procedure to follow is rather simple and confidential, just use one of the contacts on this page (email or chat jabber / XMPP) answering the questions listed above. Usually it takes a few hours to activate the services, just enough time to view the request and proceed with activation. Please provide a valid contact, as any communication with the access data to your accounts will be communicated using the reference used by you.

Furthermore, if you prefer, you can encrypt your communications using my pgp key on the contact page or directly at this link. Remember to send your public key if you prefer to receive an encrypted reply.

Donate? Support?

Yes thanks! : D
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