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Welcome to The Darknet Project.

Today more than ever, the privacy comes to be more than a right: it's a need. Our job is to make it more accessible to everyone, with the development and dissemination of useful, easily accessible products, services and advice.

Our project (the darknet project) is a project born in Italy, from a group of users passionate about computer science and computer security, which for over 10 years has set itself the goal of creating a digital consciousness to the millions of users who every day unknowingly expose their sensitive data.

We hope that the contents of this portal can be useful to you in some way, but more than anything else, we hope that they can give rise to the desire for privacy and the desire to continue using the web in the way you like, but that do it safely.

If you need to talk with us, ask for some, or just to say "hello", you can use the contacts available here.